Mazda RX8 rebuilding project

In the context of Mazda RX8 flooding and hard-starting issues, it’s important to know how critical plugs, ignition wires, ignition coils, battery and starter are for reliable starting. These components should be in A1 condition-always, and this especially holds ¬†true for high mileage 8’s. In fact, this is a universal rule for all Mazda Rotary vehicles.

Mazda RX8 engine rebuild project

I have completed the Mazda RX8 engine rebuild and about ready to add-on peripheral components; manifolds etc. To summarize, I’ve replaced all seals and Rotor Housings, flow-port the intake and exhaust, blueprint and added all the little tricks iI know to achieve maximum compression pressure. RX8 engines are not exactly easy to R&R because the engine sits down and back making transmission bolts all but inaccessible. I think the makers want you to remove engine and transmission as a unit from below the car. I did neither.