New MAZDA RX7 coming soon

Rotary enthusiasts; there is a new RX7 coming for 2015. We don’t know exactly how the car will look. Word is that the engine will develop 300hp naturally aspirated (no turbo). This new Rotary Engine is designated 16X. It offers 30% better mileage, lighter all Aluminum Housings, direct low pressure fuel injection which means the Injectors will be located strategically at the top of the Rotor Housings. Direct injection will occur later in the intake cycle. Engine Block weight should be under 200 lbs, which sounds fantastic. Overall engine height is the same but the Rotor Housing’s width will be about as narrow as that of a 12A Rotary (1st gen. RX7). Trochoid surface will probably extend more into the water cooling jacket making it effectively taller inside than older 13B’s creating a “longer stroke engine” with accompanying improved torque figures, fuel economy and improved oil consumption.

This all sounds too good to be true but I think it’s going to happen; the Rotary following remain strong and surprisingly, there is considerable interest coming from new and younger enthusiasts. Can you imagine a 16X Rotary with a Turbo? wow!

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